Catch more fish with Anysink.

The Anysink allows you to change sinkers easily and quickly without cutting and retying the mainline. It can also be used as a float or as a small berley cage to attract fish to your bait.

Why Anysink?

I got sick of taking 10 minutes to retie my line particularly when the bite was hot. Now I change sinkers easily and quickly without cutting the mainline.

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How does it work?

The spherical anysink threads on to your line through the outer loop and then splits in two halves to allow you to place anything heavy inside. This can be a sinker, a rock, an old nut or bolt or a mashed up lump of berley.

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What is it?

The AnySink is a newly designed fishing accessory that solves many of the problems with traditional running sinker rigs. To catch as many fish as possible it is always best to fish as light as possible. This necessitates the changing of sinkers as conditions change. The AnySink allows the change up or down of sinker weight to be as quick as possible without cutting and retying the main line.

You don't need lead sinkers

You also don't need to use traditional lead sinkers as weights either. Afterall, a sinker is just something heavy to get the bait down to the bottom and many indigenous people have used rocks for centuries. With the AnySink you can use rocks, sinkers, nuts , bolts or anything else you can find that sinks.

Easy and Quick

The AnySink has guides and holes that allow easy and quick threading and four locating pins that make sure it is easy to click together.

Cleanout the tacklebox

Get rid of all of those heavy weight, toxic lead sinkers from your tacklebox. Keep a few anysinks and pick up a handful of rocks on the way to your favorite spot.

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Change sinkers easily

There is no point being where the fish aren't. The anysink makes it easy and quick to adjust sinking weight to amke sure your bait is always where the fish are.

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Berley near hook

There is no point wasting that expensive berley downstream from where you are fishing. Release next to the hook so fish can find your bait.

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Sold as a six pack for only $5.95 Au

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  • Brilliant!

    These things work really well. I take my kids fishing now and we always catch something. We use bread and tuna oil as berley and fish come to us!

  • Makes casting further easier

    I use these guys while fishing from the bank and simply pick up a handful of mud and cake it around the ball. I can then cast further and when the mud washes away I'm left with a lighter weight to better feel the bites. Great stuff.

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